Kosovar Youth Council (KYC)

Kosovar Youth Council (KYC) is a youth non-governmental organization. KYC represent youth voices; promote self-organized education, development and entertainment for youth; and actively involve youth in the creation and development of meaningful youth policies.


Agnesa Qermimi; [email protected];

The Institute for Training and Economic Development (ITED)

The Institute for Training and Economic Development (ITED) is a highly committed, extensively networked, socially responsible indigenous Kosovo company, formed; registered and headquartered in Prishtina. Main products and services; Business Development, Training for Finance Sector, Training for Public Sector, Training for Job seekers, Training for Civil Society, Training for Administrative Clerks.


Drition Berisha; [email protected];

Patients’ Rights Association of Kosovo (PRAK)

Patients’ Rights Association of Kosovo’s was established in 2013 with the mission of patient centered healthcare. It aims to protect all citizens who seek healthcare, without any discrimination.


Besim Kodra; [email protected];

Action for Mothers and Babies

AMC is a non-for-profit foundation with the foremost goal to save the lives of children and improve the health care for mothers in the Republic of Kosovo through developing better systems for the care of pregnant women, and their children.


Mrika Aliu; [email protected]; +38 649 685 943

Institute of Southeast Europe for Advancement of Health and Nursing Science

Institute of Southeast Europe for Advancement of Health and Nursing Science is a multi-disciplinary network of healthcare and other professionals, who have extensive experience of providing healthcare management and educational consultancy services in Kosovo.


Petrit Beqiri; [email protected]; +377 45 820 820

Trade Union Health Federation of Kosovo

Trade Union Health Federation of Kosovo (hereinafter FSSHK) represents the trade union organization of health workers in the health sector of the Republic of Kosovo. FSSHK now and for many years is operating in the entire territory of Kosovo, which is organized in 43 trade union organizations, which are established at health institutions.


Blerim Delija; Project Advisor+377 45 588 900

Nora Murataj; Project Coordinator+377 45 688 005

Omladinski Komunikativni Centar

Omladinski Komunikativni Centar (OKC) je nevladina i neprofitna organizacija sa sjedištem u Banjaluci, osnovana s ciljem promovisanja vrijednosti civilnog društva koja djeluje na lokalnom i regionalnom nivou. Edukativnim, volonterskim, medijskim, psihosocijalnim i aktivnostima izgradnje mira i razvoja demokratije doprinosimo poboljšanju kvaliteta života mladih i razvoju društva jednakih mogućnosti.


Saša Marković; [email protected]; +387 (0)51 921 592

Syri i Vizionit

The organization ”Syri i Vizionit” officially registered as a local NGO in September 2001, started operating as early as 1999 as a Community-Based Organization (CBO) in the city of Pejë/Pec to coordinate the publication and release of a Youth Magazine in Kosovo, with the financial support of USAID. Since its inception, the NGO”Syri i Vizionit” has gained in professionalism through implementation of large spectrum of multi-faced projects, proving itself as a genuine Civil Society actor in Kosovo.


Veton Mujaj; [email protected];


Association for Social cultural and creative development "ZORA" is registered with the Ministry of Justice of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and as such has acquired the status of legal entity and has the freedom of action throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Armin Sestic President; [email protected]; +387 61 754 442


The Cube“ is non-governmental organization of citizens of Republic of Serbia based on values of liberal and democratic society and ideology of human rights. NGO Cube is trying to create a society where human rights are respected, where people have equal possibilities for education and for access to information, a society that is based on solidarity, peace and tolerance.The Cube was founded in 2007 and since then is a member of ASTRA.


Office Kocka; [email protected]; +381642085977 or +381642943286

Kosovo Milk Producer Association – KAMP

Kosovo Milk Producer Association KAMP is register as non- profit organization. It counts around of 500 registered milk producers. The association is active in entire of Kosovo by representation of 7 regional branches with territory of Kosovo. KAMP, represent majority the of milk producers who sell milk to the licensed processors.


Naser Bajraktari; President [email protected]; +377 44 196 474

Kosovo Dairy Processor Association – KDPA

Kosovo Dairy Processor Association KDPA represents 19 of 35 licensed processors in Kosovo. It’s a non-profit organization. KDPA lobby for improvement of the legal framework of the dairy industry and have regular contacts. KAMP and KDPA are the main stakeholders of the social dialogue in the dairy sector and reliable partner for the government regarding dairy related issues.


Ramadan Memaj; President [email protected]; +377 44 169 635

Dafina Krasniqi; Executive Director

Association of infectious diseases specialists of Kosovo

Association of infectious diseases specialists of Kosovo – the organization supports continuing education, professional advancement for specialists in the field of Infectious Diseases, organizing training, conferences, round tables and other activities.


Izet Sadiku; [email protected];

National Diabetes Association of Kosovo

Diabetes Association of Kosovo represents the interests of people with diabetes in Kosovo. Its membership entails people diagnosed with diabetes and some physicians that treat these patients. There are 6 regional associations of patients with diabetes that have been funded in past years: Peja, Prishtina, Gjakova, Ferizaj, Prizren, and Gjilan.


Idriz Ethemi; [email protected];

National Association of Autism of Kosovo

National Association of Children with Autism was established in January 2012, by an initiative of professionals in the field of Psychology, Neuropsychiatric and Pedagogy in order to expand and enhance the quality of services for people with autism. There as several field of work: Provide direct professional services, integration, training, translation;


Jeta Deva; [email protected];

Mimoza Gashi; [email protected];