WIC Health Policy Workshop in Prishtina

03.10.2019 - 14:21

On September 24th and 25th, 2019 in Pristina, in close cooperation with Wennberg International Collaborative, Solidar Suisse Kosovo, Action for Mothers and Children and Heimerer College, organized the WIC Health Policy Workshop. The workshop brought together Kosovo, regional and international healthcare experts, policy makers and civil society representatives and aims to showcase the healthcare system in Kosovo.


This event was the first of its kind in Balkans and the participation and selection of the speakers and participants was made by personal invitation. This in order to invite people who are really involved in the issues of health researches and working and practicing within Healthcare system within Kosovo and abroad too.


In this Health Policy Workshop were around 50 participants most of them doctors, physician and health workers- health researchers from Kosovo and region.  The best part of it was that there were presentations from different world schools and there was an opportunity to exchange the experiences and knowledge on different methods and methodologies and scientific approaches too.


The second day of this event was planned for Training workshop for health researchers. In the training took part around 20 participants who are already working within data at different researches related to the health issues.


The opening and introduction  session was presented in Live story  by media https://www.facebook.com/kallxo/videos/480179082829496/  shared with Solidar Suisse FB page and this post reaches a high numbers of viewers.