Insulin for children in Peja during Covid-19

28.05.2020 - 10:57

During the Pandemic COVID-19 in Kosovo, many families were faced with financial obstacles to provide the medical therapies for their beloved. Such a case happened also with providing of Insulin for children in Peja Region, Kosovo.


When the Corona pandemic broke out, the hospital informed the families that the community could no longer provide funds to purchase insulin at this time. This was a shock for Hyseni family: since as both father and a son are dependent on insulin and it was not clear how long the pandemic would last.
“Insulin is very expensive in Kosovo. It is difficult for our family to finance it because my father also has diabetes and needs insulin. In our house we need more than 15 pen injections of insulin a month”,- one of the relatives explains.
Both parents of this family work as teachers and the elder son is a waiter. The two other younger teenagers are still studying.
“Fortunately, the diabetic association in Peja was able to help us. They managed to organize the insulin for the hospital pharmacy. It was a great relief for us”- the daughter of this family says.
The ASD Peja – the diabetics’ association got an idea of the situation. The community lacked the financial means to supply the patients with insulin for the next two months.
The association turned to its long-standing partner Solidar Suisse, asking for financial support so that 70 children with diabetes could receive their insulin during this time. The association organized the procurement of the insulin, as well as its distribution to the pharmacies in the family medicine centers in Pejë.