Solidar Suisse

Solidar Suisse: Committed to a fairer society – socially, politically and economically. With over 50 projects in 13 countries and campaigns in Switzerland.

1.5 billion people are being exploited worldwide. 1.75 billion people live in poverty. This needs to change. But for change to happen, these people need to be able to earn a living wage. Their fundamental rights must be respected. They must be included in the democratic process. History has taught us that only those directly affected by precarious living conditions can improve their conditions. But we can support them in their struggle. In this sense Solidar Switzerland sees itself as a partner in development, working to improve living conditions alongside the workers and farmers, the unemployed and landless, alongside labour unions and grassroots organizations.

Syzane Baja

Regional Responsible Coordinator in Southeast Europe

Alban Maliqi

Program Manager

Fitore Ferizi Sahiti

Financial Manager

Arif Kadriu

Project Manager

Firdeze Bekteshi Uka

Project Manager

Emir Fazlović

Project Manager

Zaim Zogaj

IT Specialist

Iliriana Loci Shala

Finance and Administrative Assistant

Arjan Harxhi

Driver and Logistic