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Project Assistant Kosana (60%)


Solidar Suisse bases its work on two fundamental principles: income security through employment, decent working conditions and a social protection floor on the one hand; and on the other, a democratic community in which citizens’ and human rights are guaranteed. Both are key elements the fight against poverty and for sustainable development. These issues are crucial to achieve social justice.

The main aim of the KOSANA Project is improvement of health and social security of the population in Kosovo through support of active participation by civil society regarding health policy and in particular the health insurance system reform. The are two project components that focus in different target groups, i.e. patients/citizens and health care workforce. The patient component has two main outcomes. First outcome is the level of informed participation of civil society organizations has increased and influenced positively the quality, accessibility and affordability of health care services. Second outcome focuses on concrete improvements of services initiated by the project have improved the quality of health care in specific areas. The workforce component is similar. Within first outcome the project facilitates the participation of organizations representing health care workers in health care reform discussions and policy options development. Within second outcome, the project enables concrete improvements measures related to working condition of health care workers.

Within the scope of a KOSANA project, Solidar Suisse Kosovo is looking for a Project Assistant (60%).
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