Development of skills for career management, stakeholder meeting in vocational economic school Ali Hadri in Peja

07.01.2019 - 22:26

The stakeholder meeting held and headed by expert Binak Gerguri who is engaged in Youth and Employability project supported by Solidar Suisse Kosova . The aim of meeting was to present the idea and to engage them in the project’s coordinating group. This group consisted of the Education Directorate, the School of Economy, the Employment Office, CVT, business sector representatives, the Regional Chamber of Commerce, etc. The stakeholders elaborated ideas as to what the project should consist of, the needs of the market and the opportunities for its implementation. The project Youth and Employability implemented in vocational school Ali Hadri in Peja aims to support for the young people in their life transition period, adaptation to labour market, development of skills for being competitive at the labour market and for finding a job; support for schools to provide service which would make their students well-matched.