Memorandum of Understanding2017-2020 signed with KOSANA partners

07.01.2019 - 22:56

19 January has been held the working meeting with the KOSANA project partners. The project will continue to contribute to improvement of health and social security of Kosovo population through support of active participation of civil society about health reform in particular of shaping the health insurance scheme. Project will continue to cooperate until 2020 with National Diabetic Association, National Autism Association, Balkan Sunflower Kosova, Action for Mothers and Babies, Federation of Health Union in Kosova and The association of Patient Rights in Kosova

Project KOSANA during implementation phase 2017-2020 will be developed in three main pillars; in lobby and advocacy in health reform respectively of positions of our project partners visa-via health insurance scheme. In offering and conducting best practices or quality improvement measures for services towards health insurance scheme and the third promotion and sensibilization of these practices and initiatives.

Solidar Suisse Kosova besides distribution of appreciation to partners for previous phase implementation and have also signed the extension of cooperation for second project phase 2017-2020