Action for Mothers and Babies through Women’s Health Resource Centers, ensured that our women are provided evidence-based information on pre-natal and post-natal care as well as newborn care.

08.01.2019 - 00:02

21 March; Solidar Suisse Kosova beneficiary visit of the KOSANA project implemented by Action for Mothers and Babies about Women’s Health Centres whereas Arlinda had the opportunity to be advised and thanks to them has been prepared better physically and mentally. Arlinda claims that “The help of the nurses and other staff was also very helpful in managing my fear and anxiety when I learned my baby was being born prematurely. The nurses provided the adequate care and treatment including oxygen system, incubator, respiration tubes, CRP machine, CPAP machine, Photo Therapy and Screening for Retinopathy (Suhejla was screened four times). Nowadays, the newborn Suhejla is about 13 months and in good health state . She lives in Prizren with father Hysni , brother Salahudin and sister Ajana. She is also accompanied with daily love by her great grandmother Hatmane