Artistic Exposition of Children with Autism

07.01.2019 - 22:54

Association of Children with Autism in Kosovo with support of Pristina Municipality respectively of Department of Culture and of Solidar Suisse Kosova have organized the artistic exposition of children with autism. The exposition took place on 23 December from 12 to 20.00h at national Pristina Library.
The aim of exposition was to promote the artistic skills of children with autism and advocating to institutions for supporting services which contribute to development and advancement of these skills. In the event was also distributed the leaflet with experiences of therapists during the work with children.
Solidar Suisse Kosova has supported the Association of Autism in Kosovo since 2012 through project KOSANA with aim to analyze the gap and needs of children with autism visavia health insurance scheme. Moreover, Solidar Suisse Kosova supported the Association of Autism in Kosovo in improving their advocating capacities in fundraising and in developing and offering direct daily professional services for persons with autism .