Let’s Debate Change


Let's Debate Change

Overall objective: Increased capacity and engagement of youth to advocate and effect change in their local community, with the support of their Municipalities

Expected outcome: Young people – women and men as well as representatives of different ethnic groups – decide on proposals for improvements in their community/municipality and lobby the relevant authorities and the public for their implementation, and decide on projects in their community/municipality serving the public good and implement them.


Specific outputs serving this Outcome are:


  • Partnerships between Municipalities and young women and men (including minorities) from two local high schools achieved.
  • Young women and men (including minorities) are empowered to identify issues in their community and develop capacities to address them.
  • Young women and men (including minorities) take proactive concrete measures to raise and address issues identified by them in their communities – through the creation of new generation of youth leaders, production of Local Improvement Policy Briefs, implementing Local Improvement Projects and participating in decision-making local events.


Targeted area: Municipalities of Peja, Istog, Klina, Deçan, Fushë Kosova and Obiliq.

Benficiary schools:

Pejë: High School “Ali Hadri” and “Shaban Spahija”

Deçan: High School “Tafil Kasumaj” and “Vellezerit Frasheri”.

Obiliq: High School “Ismail Dumoshi” and “17 Shkurti”.

Fushë Kosovë: High School “Hoxhe Kadri Prishtina” and “Minatori”.

Istog: High School “Haxhi Zeka” and “Mithat Frasheri”.

Klina: High School “Luigj Gurakuqi” and “Fehmi Agani”.


Implementing partner: TOKA