The educational program taught at our Women’s Health Resource Centers is accredited by the Ministry of Health

12.08.2016 - 21:21

Prishtina, 12 August 2016-
The training program that is taught at our Women’s Health Resource Centers receives accreditation points from the Board for Continuous Medical Education at the Ministry of Health. This achievement is a result of excellent cooperation between Women’s Health Resource Centers and Center for Development of Family Medicine.

As a result of this accreditation, the personnel at primary care facilities, who at the same time work at our Women’s Health Resource Centers, will receive 15 credit points that is counted towards their credit requirements for re-licensing in the Ministry of Health and are certified to teach the program at our Women’s Health Resource Centers.

Women’s Health Resource Center is a program initiated by the Action for Mothers and Children and aims at offering free evidence-based information to women and their partners on antenatal and postnatal care. At these Centers, group and individual counseling is offered in a bright, colorful, comfortable and private room.
Participants are offered practical education on nutrition, pregnancy phases, preparing for labor, the delivery process, physical exercises, newborn care and breastfeeding. Posters, props and videos complement the hands-on learning, which uses exercises, games and role-play to better convey information. Participants receive take-home material on the topic discussed and are offered a follow-up contact with the Center midwife. Those Centers also aim to empower the patients and healthcare providers towards shared decision making and patient-centered care.

Women’s Health Resource Centers exist in 5 locations in Kosovo as of today. The program of Women’s Health Resource Center has been continuously supported by Solidar Suisse Kosovo, among many donors. Solidar Suisse in particular supports strengthening the cooperation of these centers through a network that meets them regularly, shares experiences and develops strategically the expansion of those centers.