Tregimi Ynë ORL QKUK

31.07.2019 - 09:24

Health is fundamental human rights, not luxurious, and based on this principle, health institutions in Kosovo, despite the challenges and overwhelming workload, thanks to very good inter-collegial relations, professionalism and teamwork, as well as a good work organization, manage to provide citizens with quality, accessible and abundant health services.

A success story is the ORL Clinic, led by Dr. Hajdin Thaqi, where in this clinic on average:

– 40 patients per day received specialist visits and another 60 subspecialist visits.

– 15 to 25 operations are performed per day and an average of 2350 operations per year.


As a result of this hard and successful work, we invite you to watch the following video and learn more about working at the ORL Clinic and patient satisfaction with services.