Dialogue in the dairy sector


The overall objective of Milk Dialogue project is to create fair work opportunities and sustainable income possibilities in the Kosovar dairy sector. Solidar Suisse would like to achieve this through the institutional development of the dairy associations and, especially, through an enhanced dialogue between the various different stakeholders, due to the fact that the obstacles are of a structural origin.

Outcome 1: The project ‘Milk Dialogue’ facilitates implementing the master plan of the Development strategy of Kosovo’s dairy industry 2011-2020 by the national dairy associations Kosovo Milk Producers and Kosovo Dairy Processors

    The key outputs by the project are as follows:

  • Transparent and neutral sampling, quality control and fair payment of raw milk
  • Legal regulation of the direct marketing of dairy products on the green market
  • Qualified dairy technicians and producers in Kosovo
  • Direct payments and state subsidies for the dairy producers
  • State support programs for the dairy industry
  • Reduced value added tax for the agro-industry; Pre-tax deduction on raw milk
  • Government measures against subsidized dairy products and anti-dumping measures in the frame of the Central European Free Trade Agreement
    • Protection of the Sharri cheese
    • Awareness-raising of consumers for the needs of the local dairy industry
    • Formation of a national lobby platform of the dairy industry

The Project Beneficiaries are the representatives of the milk farmer associations, milk collection centers, dairies and retailers, municipal departments of agriculture as well as agricultural unions of the dairy sector and State. The final beneficiaries are mainly the milk producers, in particular small farmers and their families as well as the consumers.

Project - Transparent and neutral sampling, quality control and fair payment of raw milk