Youth Employability



The project aims to  improve VET Education (Work based learning WBL),support cooperation of VET education and private sector and to improve Career orientation and preparation through support of teacher training and exchange and or innovative ideas for improvement of career orientation .

The project has 2 components;


Project region:  Peja region including municipalities of Istog, Decane, Klina and Gjakova

About 25 elementary schools, about 6570 pupils of grade 6-9 and about 1700 students of grade 9th

Objectives: Enhancing youth employability thanks to a better informed career choice, referring to individual skills and labour market demands

The project will address three specific objectives

  • Career guidance and counselling at 25 elementary schools are initiated and or improved
  • Standard information products and services (guides, webpage, occupation fairs etc. are offered and contribute to better informed pupils, parents, and teachers
  • The policy framework for career guidance and counselling has improved thanks to the informed policy proposal


Project region:  Peja municipality

Objectives: Improved access to employment for young vocational school graduates due to additional market-relevant skills, internships completed and improved cooperation between private sector and education system.

The project will address two specific objectives;

  • New trainings conducted and internships available acquired the students from vocational schools with additional market relevant skills
  • Vocational education in the field of tourism, wood processing, ICT and metal processing has an increased focus on market-relevant skills development

Project: Career

Project: Skills