Regional Programme

Regional Programme Youth and Labour


    Project objectives

  • Develop concrete offers that facilitate the entry into the professional world for young adults.
  • Motivation of authorities, parliaments, schools, employers and parents to start reforms in the professional education and institutionalise specific offers for the entry into the professional world.
    Expected Results

  • Students receive an insight into possible careers. Employers and professional schools are involved.
  • Students, parents and authorities use the advisory offers.
  • Courses and company visits for offenders instil new perspectives and facilitate the career entry after the discharge.
  • Placement in internships facilitates around 50 young people getting important practical experience.
  • Support courses for young women assist in finding employment or starting their own business.
  • Round tables in all projects, radio spots, TV and other public debates lead to an increased awareness amongst the general public and specifically the decision makers, in relation to the problems in the educational sector and to possible solutions.
  • Cross-border contacts promote the understanding for and the dialogue with neighbouring countries and make a contribution towards the reconciliation. Beneficiaries: around 5000 young professionals benefit from direct offers like professional advice, career fairs, internship placement etc.

Future professionals and employers should benefit from the activation of the decision makers to the introduction of reforms.

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